New Yorkers ordered to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus

Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo orders 100% of the state's non-essential workers to stay home as positive cases of coronavirus in the state total more than 7,000. The order will take effect Sunday night.

Cuomo announced Friday that he will sign a decree that all non-essential businesses will have to work from home, except essential services, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and others. Food delivery services and public transport will continue to operate, he said.

The governor said these are legal provisions that will be enforced. Businesses that do not comply will be subject to a civil fine and mandatory closures. There will be no civil fines for people who violate the order at this time, he said.

The governor insisted that it was not a "shelter in place," a term he said was used only for an active shooter situation. He urged New Yorkers to "stay indoors to the greatest extent."

"Essential services must continue to operate," Cuomo said. "Grocery stores need food. Pharmacies need medicine. Your Internet must continue to work. The water should light up when you turn the fauc
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"And when I talk about the most drastic measures we can take, it's the most drastic action we can take," he said.

The ordinance has different provisions for vulnerable and non-uvianable populations.

People over the age of 70, people with immunosuppression and those with underlying illnesses should stay indoors, wear masks with others, and not visit households with multiple people.

They are allowed to go outside for solitary exercise, but must stay at least 6 feet away from the others.

Nonvulnerable populations are ordered to cancel all non-essential gatherings, including parties and other social events. People should only engage in contactless outdoor activities and limit their use of public transit when absolutely necessary, the ordinance says.

The governor also ordered a 90-day moratorium on evictions of all residential and commercial tenants.

Cuomo acknowledged that the provisions of the order "will cause disruption."

"They will shut down businesses. They'll cause a lot of misery. I understand that," he said. "If someone is unhappy, if someone wants to blame someone or complain about someone, blame m
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Cuomo's order comes a day after California ordered the state of nearly 40 million people to stay home. Orders from both states have a combined impact of about 59 million people in the United States.

Source: Buzzfeednews